Vallromanes Golf Club gains IAGTO ‘Quality Assured 2020’ certification

Vallromanes clubhouse, Catalonia .

The Vallromanes Golf Club, the first in Catalonia to receive the IAGTO ‘Quality Assured 2020’ certification

The Vallromanes Golf Club has been the first club in Catalonia to receive the IAGTO ‘Quality Assured 2020‘ certification, which certifies and guarantees an excellent experience and the use of good practices for all golf visitors and tourists who visit the Club. .

This certification, which is obtained after an audit of service processes towards the visitor, is proof of our interest in this customer segment and is not the culmination of the project at all but quite the opposite since we still have an interesting path to follow. Also thanks to the audit which has allowed us to detect some aspects in which we must continue working.

In Barcelona, little by little, traditionally social golf clubs are consolidating our standards of service and facilities, adapting them to the needs of occasional visitors and golf tourists. Today, as an example, in practically all the clubs in the province of Barcelona it is possible to make an online reservation or be attended in English or French, things that may seem obvious to other destinations, but which in the hospitality industry Golf in Barcelona has been a big change of mind for employees and managers”, indicates Josué Mascuñán, commercial director of the Vallromanes Golf Club and Secretary in the Barcelona Golf Clubs Association.

The Vallromanes Golf Club is one of the clubs with the longest social tradition in Catalonia, with nearly fifty years of history and some seven hundred permanent members today. For about five years, he has been working on a mixed business model with members and visitors, where the social, family and sports spirit continues to be the cornerstone of his strategy, but complemented by the income contributed by non-member visitors to the club.

“The fact of having a city like Barcelona only twenty minutes from the club is one of our strengths and that we will undoubtedly continue to strengthen since it allows us to always be one of the first options for all the players who land in Barcelona. Unlike other destinations such as the Costa del Sol, our profile as a visiting player does not have to be a vacationer as we also feed on visitors who come to Barcelona for business or other reasons and then decide to play golf” adds Mascuñán.

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