Looking for something different? Tasmania has it!

Looking for something different? 
Tasmania has it!
Luxury Golf & Scenic Tours Tasmania is proud to be the leading Inbound golf tour operator in Tasmania, Australia. With a commitment to providing exceptional golf experiences, combined with the finest local produce, breath-taking scenery, and captivating attractions, we have set ourselves apart in the industry. We invite IAGTO golf tour operators to discover why we are the perfect partner for their golfing ventures.

Tasmania’s World-Class Courses
Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania, our island state boasts an array of world-class golf courses that offer challenging fairways, awe-inspiring vistas, and unrivaled tranquility. At Luxury Golf & Scenic Tours Tasmania, we curate unforgettable golfing experiences, ensuring that each course is carefully selected for its unique features and exceptional playability.

King Island’s Golf Paradise
A true golfing gem, King Island is renowned for its natural beauty and magnificent golf courses. With its rugged coastal landscapes and breathtaking vistas, King Island offers golfers an unrivaled backdrop for their game. Our meticulously crafted itineraries give golf enthusiasts the opportunity to tee off at the iconic Ocean Dunes Golf Course, ranked among the world’s top 100 golf courses. The undulating fairways, challenging holes, and panoramic ocean views will leave an indelible impression on every golfer’s heart.

Tasmania’s Spectacular Produce, Scenery, and Attractions
Luxury Golf & Scenic Tours Tasmania is committed to offering a holistic experience that goes beyond the game itself. Tasmania’s reputation for extraordinary produce is world-renowned, and our packages seamlessly integrate gourmet delights into each itinerary. From exquisite dining experiences showcasing fresh local seafood and premium cool-climate wines to private tastings at renowned distilleries and artisanal cheese factories, we provide a gastronomic journey that complements the golfing adventures.

While the golf courses take centre stage, Tasmania’s breath-taking landscapes and natural wonders provide an enchanting backdrop for exploration. Our itineraries encompass visits to iconic attractions such as the mesmerizing Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the pristine beaches of Freycinet Peninsula, and the historic Port Arthur penal settlement. Immerse yourself in Tasmania’s rich culture and heritage by exploring charming towns, art galleries, and museums, ensuring an unforgettable journey both on and off the greens.