“Windswept dunes and panoramic views” – CONNEMARA GOLF LINKS





EST. 1973-2023

Nestled on the rugged western coast of Ireland, Connemara Golf Links offers a captivating golfing experience set against the backdrop of the untamed Atlantic Ocean. With its windswept dunes and panoramic views, this links course is a masterpiece of natural design, challenging golfers to navigate its undulating terrain and ever-changing coastal elements.

Designed by renowned architect Eddie Hackett, Connemara Golf Links seamlessly integrates with the wild landscape, providing a true test of skill for players of all levels. The course’s layout incorporates natural hazards, such as pot bunkers and tall grasses, adding an authentic and unpredictable dimension to each round. Golf enthusiasts find themselves captivated not only by the strategic gameplay but also by the breath-taking scenery that unfolds at every tee and green.

The Connemara region’s unique weather patterns contribute to the course’s distinctive character. A day of golf can encompass moments of bright sunshine, swirling sea breezes, and the occasional mist rolling in from the Atlantic. Such dynamic conditions make every round an adventure, demanding adaptability and a keen understanding of the ever-changing elements.


The 27-hole championship course at Connemara Golf Links provides a variety of playing options, allowing golfers to tailor their experience. As players navigate the course, they encounter holes that hug the coastline, requiring precision and finesse, while others lead inland, demanding strategic shot-making through undulating fairways and heather-clad terrain.


No better time to visit than 2024, and join them in celebrating their 50th year anniversary.